Distinguished LASD Captains Support Paul Tanaka

(Gardena, CA)-Today, former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka announced overwhelming support from several Captains currently serving with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.
“I had the honor of working with these men and women throughout my career with the Sheriff’s Department and I am proud to have their support,” said Paul Tanaka. “It’s time we got back to the basics by promoting a strong focus on good police work, striving to make our communities safer and always acting in a manner that is consistent with the highest level of professional conduct.”
“Right now, the LA County Sheriff’s Department suffers from no clear of lines of direction, protocols or professional standards,” said Captain Robert Tubbs. “I have seen too many hard-working men and women have their exemplary professional conduct overlooked due to the poor conduct of others. We need to restore trust and accountability to the department and we will do that by electing Paul Tanaka as LA County’s next Sheriff.”
LASD Captains Supporting Paul Tanaka for Sheriff:
Captain Kevin Hebert
Captain Chuck Antuna
Captain Crystal Miranda
Captain Robert Tubbs
Captain Louis Duran
Captain Chris Nee
Captain Duane Harris
Captain Merrill Ladenheim
Captain Jim Ritenour 
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